Build Our Community

Iden Warnock founded Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy iNC in 1978, over 40 years ago in a small community called Cotati. Over the period of time as the community grew also our office did. Starting from an 800 square foot building with one therapist expending to 3,000 fully equipped building with four therapists and still looking for a more great therapist who loves helping people in our community. Our gym is 1,000 square foot features Nautilus, Med X, Super Slow, and Pilates rehabilitative strength training equipment. Many of our patients choose to train with us long after they have healed from their injuries. We inspire our Sonoma State University students by offering some students mentoring program/ work-study programs, inspiring students for there future.

Serving Our Citizens

We offer fitness programs appropriate for athletes, works, a senior citizen, among others. these programs have many benefits that range from reducing the rate of injury to helping ward off osteoporosis.